I've been involved in moving image projects for over 30 years, since the very dawn of live video projection and the pioneering VJs days...

I now specialise in content creation for live/event/theatre environments, in particular mapping and multiple screen installations. I'm involved with a wide mix of client based and arts based work, and love it all!

I often take the role of creative director, sometimes solo, sometimes managing a team. So I have plenty experience of developing briefs, liaising with clients, speccing hardware and designing installations, building storyboards and animatics, overseeing 2D/3D integration, editing and comping, live vision mixing/playback, and generally overseeing productions from initial concept to delivery, managing tight deadlines while maintaining high production values.

Much of my work is collaborative by nature. I work alongside directors, illustrators, storyboard and 3D artists, musicians and sound designers, theatre directors, dancers and pyrotechnicians.


content creation - I co-direct Shared Space and Light, an arts based projection mapping studio that aims to reveal the hidden stories within buildings and explore local communities’ sense of place (www.sharedspaceandlight.com).

I have directed many motion graphics projects for Drive Productions over the years (www.driveproductions.co.uk), a leading specialist in high-end event production (Ferrari, X Factor, Lotus, Nokia, Ralph Lauren). These are often very complex jobs, both technically and creatively, with high resolution content mapped onto 3D templates, using multiple projectors.

And I have worked independently on numerous theatre projects over the years, developing a sense for how projection and performance can integrate together, how to fuse these two seemingly different worlds together.

live video control - From my early days as pioneering VJ Ultrascope using my own DIY projectors, to video designer and live operator for 200+ shows with the electronic band Orbital, to live vision mixing for TED.com’s global conferences, the massive Edinburgh Hogmanays, Alternative Miss World events, catwalk fashion shows and assorted live theatre shows, using both hardware and software vision mixers.

installation design
- I have a thorough understanding of the complex nature of projected imagery and it’s ability to transform space. My projection work often takes surprising forms: 13 motorised screens (Orbital), layers of translucent screens (Emile Sande), the surface of a car (Bentley), bespoke story-telling lampposts (Talking Posts), 15,000 pixel wide screens (Middle East Event Awards).

education - I trained as a freelance instructor for Adobe (briefly, as the freelancer programme was discontinued). I am qualified as an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in After Effects, and have given lectures about my process and training sessions in After Effects and related digital media.

I have worked as a part-time tutor on the Moving Image MA at London Metropolitan University, and at Sussex Downs College on the Digital Media MA, both for 2 years. I have also led many workshops for adults and children teaching animation and motion graphics.




House Mother Normal - 10 screen installation for Brighton Festival - Ultrascope

Giving Thanks - finale piece for Mayflower 400 anniversary - Shared Space and Light


Day in a Life - motion graphics for Interpol Report - Ultrascope

Murmurations - video installation at Fabrica Gallery - Shared Space and Light

Samsung Halloween House - projection mapping onto old house - Ultrascope


Leonardslee Illuminated - Light trail projections - Shared Space and Light

Enchanted Horsham - Projection mapping for Festival - Shared Space and Light

British Museum Research Space - research data visualisation project - Ultrascope

2019 TUC Trade Union Congress- 9 screen animation for TUC conference - QED/Ultrascope

Always and Always facing toward the Light - epic Suffragette Centenary celebration - Shared Space and Light


Vessel - scenography for Sue MacLaine Company theatre production - Ultrascope

150th TUC Trade Union Congress- 9 screen animation for TUC conference - QED/Ultrascope

XRC - R&D workshops and performance fusing circus and technology - XRC/Ultrascope

Museum and Heritage Show - scale model video mapping display - Shared Space and Light

Moontales - scenography for theatre production by Kate Darach - Ultrascope


the Common Good - mapping installation for Lumiere Durham - Shared Space and Light

TUC Trade Union Congress- 9 screen opening animation for TUC conference - QED/Ultrascope

The Dark Unknown - R&D development of AV based theatre show - Project X

Talking Posts Gateshead - installation for light festival - Shared Space and Light


Talking Posts Hastings - installation for storytelling festival - Shared Space and Light

Jaguar Wimbledon launch - 5 screen animation for VR pods at Waterloo Station - Drive Productions

Middle East Event Awards - intro film and award/category stings across 7 screens - Drive Productions

Sirin Labs mobile phone launch - creation of product feature films - Drive Productions

Innovox - graphics/viz for product launch pilot - Drive Productions


Home Sweet Home Durham - mapping installation for Durham Lumiere - Shared Space and Light

D_code - theatre/dance/projection performed at Rich Mix, London and the Brighton Corn Exchange - Yael Karavan/Ultrascope

Talking Posts - projection installation for Brighton Digital Festival - Shared Space and Light

Ruby Bullet - theatre show trailer - Lavish Design

Home Fires - promenade theatre - Shared Space and Light/Zap Arts

Israr Award Ceremony - mapping and stings - Drive Productions


David Guetta, X Factor - music visuals - Drive Productions

Mission Ferrari - mapped theme park attraction - Drive Productions

Our Dancing Feet - promenade theatre - Shared Space and Light/Zap Arts

Kuwaiti National Day Operetta - music visuals - Drive Productions

Sustainability Week Conference - intro films - Drive Productions


Home Sweet Home - mapped installation - Shared Space and Light

Latitude Festival - documentation promo - Lavish Design

Leadenhall - pilot for architectural mapping installation - Drive Productions

Emile Sande X Factor - music visuals - Drive Productions

Lotus E21 - latest F1 car launch promo - Drive Productions


Labrinth X Factor - music visuals - Drive Productions

Ted Global - vision mixing - Ultrascope

Flame - mapped Paralympics torch ceremony - Shared Space and Light/World Famous

Babel - promenade theatre - Shared Space and Light/Wildworks

Gothenburg Hotel - mapping installation - Drive Productions

Orbital - mapped stage design and content production - Ultrascope


Timegate - TV pilot - Drive Productions

Nokia - mapping installation - Drive Productions

Tower of Dreams - mapped installation - Shared Space and Light

Anglian Water - mapping installation - Drive Productions

Ralph Lauren - mapping installation - Drive Productions

Bentley - mapped car installation - Drive Productions


Battersea Power Station - mapping installation - Drive Productions

Alternative Miss World - vision mixing - Ultrascope

Skanska - infographics promo - Blue Edge

Ark Gala - mapping installation - Drive Productions

Sussex Downs College - tutor on Digital Image MA - Ultrascope

Queens House - mapping installation for Bombay Sapphire - Drive Productions


Bloomberg - TV studio launch - Drive Productions

Orbital - music visuals - Ultrascope

2020 cricket - motion graphics for season launch - Exceeda

Romeo and Juliet - vision mixing - BBC/Ultrascope

Decale - stings for Canal Plus channel launch - Exceeda

Imagine Literature Festival - intro film - D Fie Foe

Skillset - storyboard/animatics course - Lighthouse


the Mellowtrons - audiovisual DVD commission - Ultrascope

JCB Dancing Diggers - live show visuals - Drive Productions/Lavish Design

Toonsters - stings for TV channel launch - Exceeda

Adobe - freelance instructor

various schools/colleges - animation workshops - Moving Pictures


Kasabian - music visuals - Ultrascope

Optronica AV Festival - key image design - Addictive TV

the Mellowtrons - live performance to open Optronica Festival at London Imax

various schools/colleges - animation workshops - Moving Pictures

Bacardi Remix - music visuals for MTV - Exceeda

Richard Ashcroft - music visuals - Ultrascope


GoldFrapp - music visuals - Ultrascope

Linde - forklift launch extravaganza - Drive Productions/Lavish Design

various schools/colleges - animation workshops - Moving Pictures

London Metropolitan University - tutor on Moving Image MA


Mixmasters - 10 min animation for Mixmasters ITV - Addictive TV

Nike Panna - motion graphics, stings and live mix - Drive Productions

One Perfect Sunrise - pop promo for Orbital - Ultrascope

Turin Brakes - music visuals for live stage production - Ultrascope



2002 / 2008 - Big Chill Arts Trail technical co-ordinator

2002 / 2009 - animation workshops for schools/festivals - Moving Pictures/D Fie Foe

2003 / 2008 - various projects - motion graphics - Blue Edge

1999 / 2006 - Edinburgh Hogmanay - live visuals and stings - Ultrascope

1992/2012 - Orbital - video design, content and live vision mixing for 200+ shows