• Leaf: miniature video mapping lockdown fun, playing with visualising the energy flow within a leaf. Made in After Effects using Plexus , Particular, Vector Blur. Music is 'Creek' by Hiroshi Yoshimura

• Caterpillars: devastating invasion in my garden provides opportunity to try out macro lenses and timelpase on new Panasonic G90 camera. Music by Max Cooper

• Foxcubs: used an Afidus timelapse camera to capture a new family of fox cubs in a nearby garden in Brighton, using the motion activated sensor. Music Lambent Rag by Clark

• Murmurations trailer: 1 minute best of the starling films I've made around Brighton. Music by Nomad Soul Collective

• I'm Going Shopping: 25,000+ hits on youtube, this one is a lockdown collaboration between Paul Hartnoll and poet Murray Lachlan Young

• Window Mapping Cowdray House: another experiment made during lockdown, trying out projections in my backyard seeing what ideas work in creating an illusion of depth beyond the window frame...

• No Brainer: a cry of desperation from Paul Hartnoll and myself, made a few months before Trumpster was elected POTUS - we tried to warn you....

• Mellowtrons 'In Perpetuity' DVD Sampler: ah the good old days - me and Lee Walker, the dynamic duo behind legendary audiovisual band the Mellowtrons, were commissioned by Addictive TV to make a whole DVD album. Here's a 1 minute sampler

• Flame Throwing Gondola: wacky art project in town - my work buddy Alex Saunders asked me to record him and Piers doing the construction of this exotic vehicle - we used 4 cameras filming timelapse over 5 days, then edited it together...

Murmurations 03: Film no 3 of starling murmurations in Brighton, this one centred on the gasholder in Kemptown. I love how the structure impacts the motion of the flock, it's like the gasholder is their stage, becomes even more of a performance. Soundtrack by Rameses B

Murmurations 02: Film no 2, made in and around Palace Pier. Soundtrack is by Acreil: "Redirection of Flow"

• Murmurations 01: Film no 1, a very rare outing to St Nicholas church in central Brighton. I was lucky to catch this one, makes a dramtic backdrop for the action, filmed in slow motion. Soundtrack by Acreil -"Assemble"

•  Invader: a one off collaboration with my partner the beautiful Cath Bristow, made a long time ago, back in 1997 as a response to the disturbing invasion of striplights into all the big public spaces at the time. Jonny Gaskell helped us sequence the swarm of tubes, I miked up the starter elements to create a soundscape that matches the brutality of the lights. Cheekily we ran this installation as part of the Whitechapel Open exhibition he he!

• Pylon Flipbook: this one is very short and very sweet - I made this animation for the lovely Rachel Aylmer as part of her trail of flipbooks in Stamner Park.