> Hose Mother Normal

filming, motion graphics, editing, video design and installation

created at: Ultrascope


> Director Tim Crouch and me were lockdown buddies for this project, travelling to the houses of the 9 performers and filming their characters from the book with our travelling studio. It was a great privilege to meet these talented people, be welcomed into their homes and witness their interpretations of the characters. The challenge once this was done was to synchronise the combined performances to a shared timeline, adapting the book to work as both an online and installation piece of theatre.

It was an honour to work alongside Tim, also with super-talented sound designer Thor Mcintyre-Burnie, and production company New Perspectives. We made a really good team.

So for the installation there were 10 streams of HD video and 12 channels of audio, all synced together, there was lots of captioning too... and the installation ran over 100 times...